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Sound Off March 30
Liberty BoE 1
Liberty County Board of Education building on Memorial Drive in Hinesville. - photo by Stock photo

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When are the schools going to start abiding by the dress code? Kids are not supposed to wear sandals, but they do it every day.

I’m disappointed that none of the Bradwell athletic programs were included in the parade of champions, considering that many of the players for Liberty and First Presbyterian came from Bradwell.

Hey housekeeper, quit stealing all the Coastal Couriers out of the machine to share upstairs with the staff. That’s stealing. Just take the one you paid for.

Me and my wife plan to vote against SPLOST. We found out the more money they get the more they get us into debt. And they waste money, like building three courthouses and a big City Hall. You go in there any time and it’s mostly empty. Why do we need a big empty City Hall?

It’s wrong to put promotions for the ESPLOST in church bulletins. Any church that does that should have their tax exemption taken away. Church is for God, not to entice people to increase taxes.

Instead of complaining about leadership in Riceboro, why don’t you come down and see what these leaders are doing, such as improving your fire station, improving roads, giving seniors opportunities, the recreation building? Stop complaining and start helping.

The commissioners, the chairman, the administrator just don’t get it. They will never pass SPLOST spending the money on frivolous debts they ran up in previous years. Every incumbent needs to be voted out.

What happened to my Kroger supplement in my paper the past two weeks? I haven’t got one.

The BoE and superintendent want the taxpayers to vote for the ESPLOST so that they can continue to waste the money we already give them through our property taxes. It is time to tell them NO, we do not think you are good stewards of our money and we are not going to give you any more. Vote no on May 24!

I agree with the person who say they don’t put players are in the right place. My son been on the baseball team for a while and he says that he’s not on the right base. He’s told coaches he wants to try other spots on the field. But it’s OK, he will be leaving soon. Good luck to future players. Losing record, that why no one comes to games.

Why are there two bus routes that run through Belmore Subdivision? The middle/high school’s route 14 is overcrowded and kids sitting three to a seat and route 57 is half empty. There are enough kids in both parts of the subdivision to use only route 57, which will make route 14 safer.

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