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Sound Off May 31
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I cannot believe they’re going to put a Wal-Mart grocery store in our city. We don’t need any more Wal-Mart stuff; we need other choices for other stores. Why don’t we have a Publix store here? We have three choices, and now we’re going to have just another Wal-Mart grocery store. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart because I like fresh and homemade bread.

This is for Dr. Lee: We as parents did not agree on having iPads at the school; why we should pay for the damage? What was the insurance for? You’re billing us for something that we did not agree on, these iPads. We need to go back to books, have these kids learn what we all need to learn about school and not do Common Core things. And since you make so much money, why don’t you pay for it?

The back parking lot behind the Coastal Courier looks real nice where they’ve done it in the back. But in the front, it’s still got lots of leaves.

I have lived in both predominately white towns and predominately black towns, but I have found that racism exists the most in predominately black towns.

You know, I agree — it took three hours for my son’s pediatrician to give me lab results. You would’ve thought I would’ve been able to walk in, get lab results and walk back out. But even with an appointment, I had to wait three hours for him to see me. That’s ridiculous.

To the person who picked up the money at the Old Time restaurant, you just missed your blessing. You should have reported it to the management or to the cashier. Probably somebody saw me and the cashier looking for it. I went in hungry, and I left hungry. Do unto others as you would have them to be treated.

Congratulation goes out to former Bradwell Institute head football coach Adam Carter for his new promotion to defensive coordinator at Marietta High School. Another one-and-done at Reinhardt University. At least he’s not back at BI anymore.

I agree with the person about the booster clubs at the high school. Coaches are afraid not to pick these kids because of parents’ influence and afraid not to play the kids because the parents will get upset. This is not what ball is about. It’s about winning, and that Hinesville teams will not go to the state unless they stop doing this and catering to the parents instead of picking kids and playing kids that can play ball, especially the football. This is very important. And the fact that a kid maybe never has played ball before and gets to play because he’s a senior? Since when is that right?

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