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Sound off Nov. 18
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In today’s paper, Nov. 11, a caller said that he told his father-in-law that Social Security is welfare. Why didn’t he call military retirement one dying to get into the retirement system.

I find it ironic that the city of Hinesville, whose mayor is retired Army, is not flying flags on Veterans Day. Walthourville and Allenhurst are. But for some reason Hinesville is not. Shame.

Nov. 12, there’s another wreck on Deal Street and Highway
196 West, left turn coming off Deal. That needs to be right-turn only. That intersection has always been a problem.

My neighbors and I are sick of two sons of Liberty County policemen who are terrorizing the community of Rye Patch in Long County. No one stops them, least of all their fathers. When they kill themselves, they’ll be considered innocent.

The letter to the editor on Nov. 15 urging people to vote for a certain candidate should have been a political ad, not an editorial. The person should have been charged for the political ad. Nobody really cares. We like to look at the ads, but not editorials.

I’m urging all parents to attend the school board meetings to complain because it seems parents are having to do the teaching because teachers are having to go too fast and all the extra work they have to do. Kids are not mastering what they should. Reinforce, yes, but not have to teacher everything.

I have always heard wonderful things about the Liberty County Pre-K but I’m so disappointed. When I met with the administration to voice my concerns she acted as if I was wasting her time. We chose to send our child there because of the reputation but fortunately we are elsewhere now.

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