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Sound off Sept. 16

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I wonder if our two county commissioners and mayor pro tem are going to be laying down in the streets protesting the slain police officers. Just wondering.

Why are Waldo Pafford teachers having to do cafeteria-workers’ jobs by passing out breakfast every morning? What are the lunchroom workers doing, watching us do it?

I am so tired of all the old politicians here in Hinesville that never make their promises come true. It is time for some young people to take over this city as politicians and community leaders. These community leaders here now, they haven’t done anything they said they were going to do in the last
10 years. So November, I hope there’s somebody younger that’s on the ballot to vote to run for office.

I’m 67 years old, never had a computer or a cellphone, no body piercings, no tattoos and short hair. Does that make me real old-fashioned?

It’s a shame that the coaches at Bradwell have a combined salary of more than $75,000 for 10 games, and they can’t come up with a strategy for the kids to win one game. Those kids are very good. The coaches need to be removed, and bring someone in that can relate to the kids so those kids will not be dissatisfied and disgusted after every game. Bradwell’s been on a losing streak, and they will not win a game this year because of egos of those coaches.

What do stop signs mean? Do they mean slow down, look and if nobody’s coming, go for it? Or does it mean to lock all four?

Since home prices in Long County have dropped over 16 percent in the last six months and one house in 300 is being foreclosed on (which is a very high rate), isn’t it time to place a moratorium on new-home construction in Long County?

To the lady who trespassed on my land and stole a glass-encased doll, I know who you are.

So before the end of the school year someone decided that it would be a great idea to do some rezoning. So now, some schools are suffering. Now to the situation at hand. Ever since I could remember, whenever there was a need for teachers, it was always the last teacher hired would be the first to go. Not beloved Mrs. Fields, who has been made such an impact in the 15 years she’s been a teacher at WPE. Whose bright idea to remove such a fantastic teacher after 15 years? You’ve hurt our children, who only she knew how to reach. She knows how to make a difference, she knows how to reach each individual child in each special way. My kids really miss you and wish you were back to reach them.

You have got to be kidding me. School bus stops three times within 100 yards, and you wonder why there’s so much money spent on schools? That can’t be economically sound. No. Sorry.
I just heard about the fact that there are some people in Walthourville is trying to just mess up everything that we have accomplished here. We people of Walthourville is not going to let that happen. We see that some of the same people from the last time still trying to be destructive, still trying to keep the mayor from doing what she can do. But anyway, Mayor Pray, you don’t have to worry about it, because you know you’re going to be in there because you did a lot. For the first time now, we feel like we have some dignity, and then we’re gonna let these people come in and try to destroy what we’ve achieved here. Keep working hard, because you’re going to be OK because we’re going to vote like we’ve never voted before, and they will not get in.

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