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Sound off Sept. 27
Sound off 092715

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What’s left of the old trailer park on Freedman Grove at Beasleyville needs to be cleaned up or the county should take over the property and clean it up.

To the person that put the message for the Democrats to send the slaves back to Africa, I wonder where you came from. No one was born in America, sweetie. Whatever dummy that would put something in the paper like that, Democrats are not all bad Democrats. Republicans are just idiots — idiots, idiots, idiots. And you take a boat.

There are people that are in political office that are doing a good job. Why do other people in the community want to come in and try to divide the community? Christian people, you all need to think about this. Let the ones that’s in there stay in there.

I have a major issue with the football coaches at Liberty County. I am a loyal supporter of the team. I don’t have a child on the team, but I feel sorry for those of you who do. This has to be the worst collection of coaches in the state. Bradwell hasn’t won a game, and I would rather have their coaches. These guys have no structure. The head coach acts like he’s taking orders from the assistant coaches. There’s so much talent on that team, and they don’t know what to do with them. We can’t even fill the stadium because of the product that’s being put on the field. I think it’s time for a coaching change. You can’t continue to excuse stupidity!

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