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Supermoon expected Saturday night
Unfortunately, the forecast now is for cloudy skies in our area, though it may clear late. - photo by

STATE COLLEGE PA. — Saturday/Sunday night will feature a full moon, it may be a little more impressive than any full moons seen so far this year, if it's visible through clouds.

The moon will be at its lunar perigee, the closest it will get to the Earth in 2013, which will make it look larger than usual. Moonrise in our area is expected at just before 8 p.m.

According to AccuWeather's Mark Paquette, the term "Supermoon" (technically called a Perigee Full Moon by astronomers) was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle. It is used to describe full moon (or a new moon) that is at 90 percent or greater of its perigee.

An Extreme Supermoon occurs when the new or full moon is at 100 percent greater mean perigee. The view of the moon this weekend will therefore be an Extreme Supermoon as it passes 356,991 kilometers away from the Earth, compared to its "typical" distance of 384,400 kilometers.

Supermoons can affect the tides, but as far as having any adverse affects on behaviors or weather, there is no supporting science. Most likely, all that will occur is a better view of the moon with some photo opportunities for those in areas with favorable viewing conditions.

The forecast in recent days has been cloudy the Southeastern skies, possibly clearing late.

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