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20,000 expected at air show
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Tickets are available for a Liberty County first -- the Salute the Troops 2008 Air show. Advance tickets and full information for the June 14-15 event are at
The show is being held at MidCoast Regional Airport at WAAF, Fort Stewart.
Airport Business Solutions, operator at MidCoast, has a unit that has conducted air shows all over the world and will put on the local event.
Bobbi Thompson, air show impresario for ABS, said an initial estimated 15,000-person draw was probably too conservative; "We could easily see 20,000 people. We are preparing for 20,000. An air show has something for everyone.
"It's a wonderful family event for kids of all ages, like a picnic, church social and carnival while you have breathtaking aerobatics overhead."
Thompson said an air show generally draws people within a two and a half hour drive, but the June event here would probably do better because it is a new event for the area and is introducing a new airport.
"And we are going to have some surprises for people," Thompson said, "They will be seeing the best known multi-aircraft air show that there is."
Thompson said the U.S. Army's expert parachute demonstration team will appear at the show, along with the official Air Force F-15 West fighter jet show.
Other participants being lined up include Greg Koontz Airshows, which does a comedy routine with the Bama Boys. As part of the act, Koontz lands a 1949 Piper Cub on a pickup truck driving on a runway.
Another performer is Gary Ward who performs aerobatics in his green-and-blue MX2. This specialty aircraft is constructed entirely of carbon fiber. Its great strength and light weight allows it to perform dazzling aerial maneuvers.
The four pilots of the AeroShell Aerobatic Team fly T-6 aircraft of a design that was introduced in 1938 for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Though popular now in air shows, the T-6 is still used under various names in the combat air forces of 22 countries.
Regular tickets $12; children under 12 can attend free. Military ID holders will be able to buy $10 tickets at MWR facilities. Printed tickets will be available soon, now tickets are offered online.
Civilians attending the air show will park at Fort Stewart's Donovan Field and ride shuttle buses to and from the airport.
Sponsorships are still available and volunteers are being recruited. If you want to volunteer, call Sara Swida at 368-4888 or email her at
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