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Sound off for Aug. 13
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The statements below do not reflect the opinions of the Courier. The calls are anonymous so the Courier can not vouch the veracity.

To the person complaining about the year-round school system, trust me, when you get out of school it's going to be year-round work and you'll get only two weeks vacation if you are lucky.

Why is it the worst kids in the Liberty County School system, or should I say the Ombudsman kids, get to ride in air-conditioned buses and the rest of them don't? That doesn't sound right to me.

To the newcomers of Hinesville, you have my sympathy. I was born here 55 years ago and the only help you'll get from Hinesville is 911. If don't own a house here, don't buy one. If you have a problem with a road, or ditch, or any that causes damage to your property you'll have to fix it yourself.

Food for thought: The price per barrel closed on Thursday at $120. At its high it was $144 and that is a 17 percent decrease in the price of oil. At its peak, gasoline was $4.04 gallon why are we still paying over $3.70. A 17 percent decrease would be $3.37. Gas stations are gouging us.

I see now young girls 18 to age 24-25 are having that lap-band surgery. Come on, girls that's ridiculous, pull away from the table. When I was 18 to 24 I didn't weigh any more than pounds. You're messing up your lives.

I see on the news where the real estate market has taken a big dive. It's been going on for about a year. Hinesville real estate companies and agents, stop trying to fool people. We know the market is goine. The bubble has popped.

I need to educate a few people around here. The shows you see on TV are not your life. Stop trying to buy big homes, big cars, jewelry, named brand clothes. Stop trying to impress people. You're not Paris Hilton.

To Ludowici's crack ordinance, how about stopping anyone from wearing rebel flags on their clothes, too, and stretch pants, can we stop that? I mean, really, lets worry about the crack drug problem instead.

Yeah, Bo Maz, when are you going to bring back your Saturday and Sunday ribs? We sure miss them.

Rumor has it that they are breaking ground on a new mall in Flemington. Is this true?

I don't see how the board of education can allow a 77 or 78 year old woman to drive a school bus. You know her reflexes can't be too good. My child wouldn't ride that bus.

Why does the Hinesville City Council meet at 1 o'clock the first Thursday, last Thursday of each month when every other city council around meet at 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening when people are off work. Does Hinesville have something to hide?

I was just wondering who decided to change the phone company. We need to boot this one out. The bills are outrageous.

I was wondering what is going on with a certain councilman in Walthourville. Every weekend he's into a fight, if not with his girlfriend then with his wife. What kind of example is that?

Before the board of education increases property taxes for reading, writing and arithmetic, they need to delete all these unnecessary programs like sports and band that are not needed for graduation credits.

I called that 1-800 number for Canoochee Electric and those people were rude. As much as I pay for electricty those people shouldn't be rude.

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