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Sound off for Jan. 25
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The statements below were called in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity. The statements do not represent opinions of the Courier.

If people would vote in Liberty County on confidence on elected and appointed boards the ranking of order would be board of education, worst, next the hospital authority, second worst, and then the industrial authority. Probably the best one is our county commission. At least they will address the issues.

This is to the senior city councilman. Mr. Arnold has been city attorney for 16 years and you've been on the council 20. That means you voted for him four times. Why change now? Everyone knows this was not your decision.

Why can't the city of Ludowici patch the streets with asphalt? Driving here is like going through Baghdad with bombed out roads.

This is to the caller who said everyone fell under the spell of Hillary and Obama. That's kind of a wrong statement. The American people fell under the spell of Bush and Cheney.

What tax cuts if we vote for Giuliani? That caller must have been referring to one percent rich and wealthy Republicans.

There's no way to know the person that the Liberty County High School stadium is named after. There's no way to know a person who is dead.

Doesn't that caller who's going to buy a black armband if the Democrats win already have one for all the soldiers who died since 9/11?

I followed a Midway policeman going 41 mph down Martin Road with no lights on. He went to a restaurant so he was not on an emergency call. Do we have a double standard in Midway?

When I see the number of black elected and appointed officials in Liberty County it reminds me that the tide is turning. It also reminds me of the old country song, "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down."

Is Friday's caller saying custodians are beneath others? If a teacher is wrong it doesn't matter who writes them up.

Does Friday caller know who Olvey Field is named after? That's part of continuing education, research.

Why would a councilman who said he was too busy with his job to run for mayor turn around and lobby for the position of mayor pro tem?

Not only is it a sad time when a custodian can write up a teacher, but it's awful when you can't enjoy your job because there is so much chaos and mayhem in the workplace and no one wants to get up and go to work because of the conditions

My hat is off to Coach Jones. He made the right decision. It's amazing how little accountability students and athletes have in this county. More educators, coaches should be able to do the same thing without parents taking the side of the children.

Out of the nine birth notices in Sunday's paper, seven had parents with different last names, some with parents in New York and Los Angeles with the mother in Hinesville. Our tax dollars are going down the drain with these folks.

On Dr. King's birthday and during the fortieth anniversary of his assassination it's a shame we still have Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is a man who pretends to be black, when his true color is green.

I would like the chamber of commerce, the mayor or the mayoral group to explain why gas prices in Hinesville are so much more than surrounding areas. Are the companies fleecing the soldiers?

I'm a retired first sergeant. My wife went to the emergency Winn Army Community Hospital at 2:30 Monday afternoon with stomach pain. She had to wait 12 hours to be seen and treated, and was told she'd have to come back. Can you imagine the service we'll get when the troops get back? The Army takes care of its own. I guess that doesn't apply to retirees.

Why are there no parades in this country for Native Americans?

I'm 57 years old and have been through quite a few presidents, including Jimmy "Who" Carter. And George Bush is still the worst of all. I don't see how they could get any worse, especially the way he lies.

All you complaining about the stadium name, give it a rest. Coach Woods was a wonderful man. I had him when I was in high school at Bradwell.

I challenge the new mayor to explain to me why there is no Veterans Day parade in this town with the number of veterans we have.

I have never seen a decision made by the board of education overturned by opinion of the public. That goes for the coaching change and the football field.

I don't think our tax dollars should go to private organizations, not 11 Black Men, not seniors citizens, not none of them.

I just heard on TV about Obama attacking the Clinton Administration. They did more for the blacks than they really did for the whites, not that I'm a racist or anything like that. Obama doesn't really know what is coming off.

It's amazing how the Hinesville Fire Department always puts a firetruck in the Christmas parade, but never in the Martin Luther King Day parade.

The naming of the stadium is not a black and white issue. It's an issue that they did not listen to the voting public as to what names were more popular.

The caller who asked what people will do with a black man in the White House has to realize it would be very hard to do worse than we are right now.

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