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Sound off for Oct. 15
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so we don't know if they are correct, nor what motivated the caller:


We the citizens of Hinesville pay city and county property taxes, we also pay a monthly stormwater fee. The one-cent sales SPLOST tax that the county wants to implement has a drainage improvement for the county. Why don't the residents of the county have a stormwater fee added to their trash pickup?

Can someone tell me please why the board of education cannot enforce the dress code rules at any of the schools on a continuous basis? One week the kids can wear this and the next they can't wear that. And what's the deal with no jackets. You keep the schools so cold they need.

To the caller who commented on people being lazy and on welfare and you paying taxes for that, let me tell you I worked 30 years before becoming disabled and had to go on disability, making food stamps necessary. Not everybody who's receiving assistance is lazy. A lot of people have hit hard times.

That person that talked about people on welfare doesn't know their situation or what they are going through. Maybe he or she should find something more to occupy them. They apparently have too much time since you're worried about what other people are doing.

Who is running with John McCain? Is it Rudy Giuliani or Sarah Palin? I know who Obama is running mate is, but I never see McCain's. I only see Giuliani. Shame on her for being used like this.

If you're worried about the marina and what all your county is not doing then why are you going to Wal-Mart and BP in Richmond Hill to buy your gas?

A person is uses mind control in a relationship is not a very good person. And that should also goes for the White House.

Reverse mortgage means you will lose your property and your family will not inherit it. You are giving away your house.

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