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Sound off for Oct. 24
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor know what motivated the callers:


About The Depression and that there are more foreclosures since then. A lot of it is caused by people living over their heads, trying to show that they've got it going on. When I see a person and individual with suits, high heels and new cars it only tells me they're in full debt.

Please stop the shaded areas in the TV listing guide. It makes if very hard for us visually impaired people to see.

I think it's wrong for people to go searching through other people's garbage, cause that's how identities can be stolen, especially a couple guys in a dark Dodge truck in Hinesville.

Which one of these candidates, McCain or Obama, can we trust to read my lips?

Party lines or racial lines? Step up to the plate, yellow dogs.

If you don't take that Doonesbury cartoon out of your paper my family will quit taking your paper.

If you're worried about the one-cent sales tax going to the county mostly, just vote no against it. Nobody's forcing you to vote for it.

I have always supported SPLOST but not this time. As long as Dr. Carter is not allowed to practice at the hospital I will not support any tax going toward hospital improvements.

Liberty County commissioners, you're supposed to meet Nov. 3. Please trash poly carts. They're on the roads, next to the roads, everywhere expect where they are supposed to be. Please adopt a law, you might even make some money.

Did cronyism play a part in the location of the local Democratic headquarters?

The Bible tells us of wars and rumors of war. So if you are a POW/MIA or God-fearing American who would you rather have in office, an eloquent speaker or a man of power in charge in these days of terrorists and enemy threats?

To me shrimp tastes better when boiled with the shell still on.

Is it legal to test the accuracy of voting machines after early voting has already begun?

Without going all the way to Keller's Flea Market, where is the best place to get a funnel cake?

I'm perplexed. I thought there was an ordinance in Hinesville that said a dog can't be tethered to a tree. But I've called Animal Control twice, called Hinesville Police I believe twice and my neighbor's dog is still tethered to a tree, no shelter, in all kinds of weather.

Where has that caller blaming the Democrats been for the last eight years? Who do you think has run this country into the ground? It hasn't been the Democrats. It's been the Republicans.

I have no incentive to get rich because I know they'd just take it to give to the poor and the deadbeats.

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