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Sound off for Oct. 26
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously so the Courier does not know if they are true. We also do not know what motivated the callers:

Come on Hinesville, y'all are pitiful if you can't go one day a week without beer or alcohol. I just left Wal-Mart and seen three guys with bottles of beer in their back pockets.

It ain't worth saying about the tax situation.

If Barack Obama does not pledge allegiance to the United States, just who does he pledge it to?

October is Adopt a Dog Month. Please adopt from a shelter or from a good rescue.

As a mother, I just want to thank all the coaches that volunteer their time to help the kids play baseball, soccer and football. Without them there would be no sports in Hinesville for these kids.

Yeah, what’s up with all the manhole potholes around here in Hinesville? Not only do they knock the front end of your car out of alignment, they got people swerving all over the road to avoid them, which is dangerous.

Come on, caller, why don’t you wake up. Do you want four more years of the same? Have you seen a terrorist around lately? I haven’t.

Plant some nice trees on the mediums on Frank Cochran Extension. Let’s make Hinesville a beautiful place, not a place with just buildings, buildings, buildings.

To my understanding, Mr. Quarterman did not give up his obligation, he was called to duty. I really think he should be given a second chance to restate his commitment.

To parents, my daughter actually asked me why I didn’t save money to buy her a car when she graduated from high school. I answered that during the three children’s years of growing up I bought the Xbox, the designer clothes, the expensive sneakers. How was I able to do anything? No matter what we do, we tend to miss the ball.

Sarah Palin won’t go on Meet the Press or Face the Nation, but she will go on Saturday Night Live. Now she wants to work in the Senate.

If the mayor of Savannah is going to China, our Hinesville mayor and friends need not go. Anything that needs to be done or known can be brought back and presented to the local officials. Hinesville just can’t afford it now.

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