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Sound off for Sept. 23
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These statements were phoned in anonymously. The Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know the motives that prompted the calls:


I think the mayor of Midway and the police chief should go around and give every gas station in Midway that went out for gas gorging to be given a citation.

You know all the gas stations around here are gouging because we don't get our gas from Texas.

As a consumer in Hinesville, I just want to thank Handy Land for not gouging us with gas prices.

Let me remind the caller who referred to Obama as Jesus and Gov. Palin as Pilot, that Jesus was more than a community organizer. He did not come to abort the babies, He came to give them life, like Gov. Palin does.

Does anyone know if there is a law that prohibits people from dumping their dogs and cats anywhere they like so much trash? There should be.

As us old hippies talk, this morning's sermon at St. Stephens Catholic Church was heavy, amazing and totally awesome. Everybody should have heard it.

Just want to let Hinesville know, we get the national TV about the price gouging. We know Hinesville is taking the money from the citizens any time.

Way to go, Hinesville, we are the number one city in price gouging.

In California, the train driver missed the red light because he was text-messaging. When are the police around her going to start enforcing our no-cell phone laws?

I'd like to congratulate my buddy Lee for taking first place in the Jacksonville bike show in the crotch rocket category.

This is just a small shout-out for Mr. Floyd. If you really want to get yourself into the sheriff's office, you may want to rein in your supporter from Sunbury who has a lead foot and no knowledge of a speed limit or laws of the road. I've got a great video clip of him driving. I wonder how it would look on YouTube?

Gas is up to 65 cents higher the national average here in Hinesville. The district attorney needs to get the attorney general's task force on gas gouging down here to investigate why.

We need our the Liberty football field done by Friday and I don't think its going to be done. Maybe they need to get some immigrants in their to finish it like they did Fort Stewart.

Congressman Kingston's office won't investigate the high price of gasoline on Fort Stewart unless he has multiple complaints. Soldiers, please contact your congressman.

Gas is below $100 gallons a barrel. Let's see, there are 55 gallons in a barrel. We're being charged over $4 a gallon. Let's see, what part of that does not compute? Are we being gouged?

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