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5 things that need to stop immediately to have a healthy dating life
In order to avoid the standard pitfalls of a relationship gone bad, here are 5 things to avoid in order to keep your dating life healthy and pleasant. - photo by Drew Schroeder
Companionship: an essential part of our healthy existence as human beings. Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us would find it very difficult to go through life alone. Friends and family are essential, but eventually we need something more. We need someone to be there with us emotionally and to take on the world. Thats where dating comes in.

Dating is the beginning of every marriage and every future family. But the dating game is more than just a game; it can determine with whom you start a family. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, men and women have found it very difficult to understand each other and be on the same page. People have various opinions on how to handle dating, but these five things need to stop in order to have a healthy dating life.

1. Stop leading people on.

If you are not looking to date, then dont lead someone to believe that you are. It will be a waste of their time and yours and can lead to an angry ending. By being honest with someone, it will save both of you time and makes it easier for you to start off on the same page.

2. Stop being dishonest.

Going off of the last point, dishonesty is the Bubonic Plague of relationships. Cheating, lying (even by omission), and general dishonesty always find its way to the surface, and it never bodes well. By being honest, you avoid future pain and suffering for both you and the person you care for. And if you dont care for them, you shouldnt be in the relationship anyway. If there isnt honesty in the relationship, neither of you will trust each other, and the relationship will slowly or quickly crumble away.

3. Stop distrusting everyone.

If youre constantly worrying about whether your significant other is cheating, lying, etc., you are most likely not ready for a relationship or the person you are with is not worth your time. If you cannot trust the person you are dating or you cannot trust people in general because of past pain or experience, then you arent ready to date. Trust is essential in relationships. Without it, you will be constantly paranoid, the relationship will not get very far and it will include many arguments. You significant other should not have to be subjected to your relationship insecurity just as you should not be subjected to theirs.

4. Stop comparing your new GF/BF to your ex.

They are not your ex. If they were, you would break up anyway. Too many people compare their current relationships to their past ones. There are reasons why your ex is your ex and doing the constant comparison will either make you set low standards because anything is better than the last relationship or you set insurmountable standards that your new partner is held to. Just because your ex cheated on you does not mean your new partner will. No man likes being compared to his new girlfriends ex, and no woman likes being compared to her new boyfriends ex.

5. Stop saying yes all the time.

Just because you are starting to go out with someone, does not mean you have to change yourself for them. Dont say yes to everything they want to do, unless of course you actually want to do them. Dont lead them to believe youre someone youre not. It is better that you be upfront about your differences. You want someone to like you for you, not for who you have changed yourself to be for them. You will get tired of pretending to be someone youre not, and it will come out.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but these five things will help prevent a lot of headaches and heartbreaks. By being honest, upfront, trusting and trustworthy, you will find the right person to start a relationship with and have a family. Healthy relationship practices can be passed down to your current or future children for them to have healthy relationships as well.
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