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Have You See This? The spa-musement park
It's a spa, it's an amusement park, it's a germaphobe's nightmare. - photo by John Clyde

THE SPACOASTER I love amusement parks. I've visited several across the U.S. and hope to visit many more. With that, I have had some bizarre ideas for amusement parks that should likely never be made.

One is called "Nap On It," which is a park dedicated to my favorite pastime, napping. It'd have a smooth-rolling coaster where you can lie down and get an extra pillow if you're a premium member.

There was another idea for "Wing Thing," which is a park based around chicken wings. It's like Epcot, but instead of miniature versions of foreign cities, each area would highlight chicken wings from around the world. You can buy a "Frequent Flapper Card" and get a free wing in each country.

These are terrible ideas, and I should not be listened to but be honest, you'd totally go to "Wing Thing." Anyway, while my ideas are nuts, so is this idea from Beppu City in Japan.

Apparently, Beppu City is known for its natural hot springs, and has an idea to build a spa-musement park where you hang out in a towel and ride in rollercoasters filled with naturally warm water.

This video is delightfully weird, and what's even crazier is that the mayor of Beppu City appears at the end of the video and claims if they get one million views on the video, they'll build the park. The video is actually over two million views now, and it's time to see if Beppu City is ready to put their money where their towel is.

If the park is built, I don't think it's high on my list to visit. First of all, I don't want to get in used bath water doesn't sound ideal. The other thing is I don't trust the security of those towels. Not one bit.
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