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Have You Seen This? Bear chases bikers
I do not like bears, which means I really don't like this video. - photo by John Clyde

BEAR COUNTRY If you were to create a list of the scariest things on the planet scratch that, the universe there is no question in my mind what would be at the top of that list: bears. Unequivocally, unquestionably, undoubtedly the answer is bears.

I do a lot of Have You Seen This articles on bears. Why would I do that if I'm so scared of them? It's simple, to warn all of you that the Bearpocalypse is coming and when it does, your lack of preparation will not be on my head. I have evangelized this for a long time now, but many of you don't seem to be listening. Here is another video and hopefully this time you'll take action and prepare for Bearmageddon.

In the video, two friends are mountain biking when a bear jumps onto the trail and chases one of the bikers for a moment. My heart stopped, and I was just watching from the comfort of my couch with a soothing and calming bag of potato chips next to me.

I know some people will be saying, "Wow. That was awesome. And why is this guy so afraid of bears? The bear left the bikers alone." No, you just can't see what's really going on here.

The bear comes out of nowhere, ready to eat, ready to take out another "obnoxious" human. He chases for a brief moment, then spots the camera. Bears are lulling us into a false sense of security by appearing to be more gentile, cute and even adorable. This way they hope to catch you off guard. If a brutal mauling is caught on camera, we then get scared and become wary of the bears. When this bear saw the camera he used his magical bear powers and seemed to vanish into thin air. Leaving nothing behind except dread and terror.

Take this video seriously and prepare yourselves. The Bearpocalypse is coming.
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