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Have You Seen This? Newest orchestra member is a good boy
I'd like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the orchestra. His name is dog and he is a good boy. - photo by John Clyde
THE STAGE Many people have tried to add to orchestras over the years.

Maybe they throw in an electric guitar, get a rapper to shake things up or maybe even get a famous musician to compose a new song in just 10 minutes. But we now know the one thing that will elevate an orchestra more than anything else: a good dog.

During an outdoor concert put on by the Vienna Chamber Festival in Izmir, Turkey, a stray dog made his way onto the stage and decided to join the other musicians and basically steal the show. As the dog wanders onto the stage, no one is upset, everyone just loves it. The crowd goes wild and you can see the intense urge to pet the dog in the eye of every member of the orchestra. How could you not want to?

This video has led me to a new idea, a social experiment if you will. I now have a goal to attend an outdoor symphony and lazily wander onto stage, cuddle up next to a violinist and just sit down and hang out. I'd like to see what kind of reaction I get.

I think I'm a good boy too, but I'm not sure I'll get the same lovable reaction this furry party crasher received. But we'll see. So, watch out Deer Valley Music Festival a large 30-something man is headed your way.
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