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How to be single and love it
Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. - Prixie - photo by Tamsyn Valentine
Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others. -Prixie

To some being single means that there must be something wrong; that they must be failing in a certain aspect of their life. Singlehood is not a failure; it is a state of life.

Being single does not mean you cannot be happy; in fact, there are many things about being single that you can rejoice about!

So when you are feeling down and out because it seems that everyone around you has a significant other this Valentines Day, just remember these points to learn why you should love being single:

Time to do what YOU want

When you are single the only person you have to worry about is you!

This means you get to decide your own fate; where you want to go, where you want to live, what job you want, when you go to bed, etc. Someday that will change when you will have to think of your husbands or wives needs, or your childrens needs before your own.

While this is something that is not bad at all, something liberating about being single is you dont have to worry about that.

Learning to love YOU

Something amazing about being single is learning to love you. Being okay with who you are is a vital aspect to finding lasting happiness in or out of a relationship. This is the time to figure out what makes you happy, what are some aspects of your life that you can improve, and then taking the time to do it.

After all if you dont love yourself, arent you making it harder for somebody else to?

Making lots of friends

Being single is a great time to make new friends. Because you are doing the things that you want to do, you will probably be in an environment where the people that surround you are doing the same exact thing.

This is a great time to meet interesting people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and to learn and grow from them. Some of these people will become lifelong friends that change your life forever; while others will just be someone you have fun with every once in a while.

Whatever the case- something you can love about being single is the opportunity to make these friends.

This is only the beginning

The great thing about being single is that there is so much to look forward to! Whether its traveling to exotic places, starting your dream job, or even a new relationship, this is only the beginning.

Singlehood is a launching point for all of the great things that are yet to come in your life. And while you may not know what lies ahead, that is all part of the adventure. So be who you want to be, and if that means you are single, just love it!
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