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If you have these 7 things in common, you've found your soul mate
Do you have these 7 things in common? - photo by Melinda Fox
When I tell people I believe in soul mates, they balk.

But hear me out.

See, I don't believe in that MFEO (made for each other), you-are-my-one-and-only-other-half, Cinderella-seeing-Prince-Charming-at-the-Ball kind of soul mates. But I do believe that some people speak to our souls more than others.

I see this with friends even. There are a lot of fantastic people that I love and I'm friends with, but there are only a few that I connect with on a deeper level, that see me truly, because they compliment me in some way or another, my "soul friends."

This is also how I see the idea of a soul mate. A soul mate is all that simple resonating on a deeper level (plus the part of being in love with them).

And honestly, I believe that we have multiple soul mates out there. We just need to find one, and pick one and believe in them, that they are your soul mate.

So here's some ways that I think you know if you've met your soul mate:

1. You're interested in each others' interests

When I say "interested in their interests" I don't mean you have to be obsessed with knowing every fact about the Civil War the way he is. However, it is important to be interested enough in their interests that you're willing to listen to your husband explain the cool stuff he learned in a podcast about Ulysses S. Grant (and even get excited about it with him).

A soul mate at least cares enough about their partner that they are interested in their partner's interests.

2. You both pick each other

A soul mate is someone that is your #1 pick to do things with. You know what I mean: they are one of those people that just make any activity better because you're doing it with them.

3. You have the same core values

How can they be your "soul mate" if you're always butting heads about essentials such as religion or life goals? While your soul mate will be different from you and therefore believe differently from you, when it comes to essential issues, you intrinsically find common ground.

4. You both can admit your mistakes

Even soul mates don't have a relationship free of bumps and storms. However, true soul mates are people who are both willing to swallow their pride for the health of the relationship. So as long as you both have the trait of being willing to take responsibility for your mistakes and apologize, you can be each others' soul mates.

5. You have the same sense of humor

Finding the humor in rough situations makes all the difference in life. Seriously, you need someone who can put a smile on your face (and thinks you're a hoot as well) but also knows when that's not appropriate. People who are soul mates have humor that jive with each other.

6. You have the same financial goals

It's no secret that money can play a big role in the dissatisfaction and discord in a relationship. While you don't have to agree absolutely about how you use your money, you shouldn't be glaringly opposite in your spending habits. Your soul mate is someone that you can find common ground with when it comes to this often controversial topic.

7. You both love each other

Being soul mates doesn't mean being in love with each other at every moment (even soul mates fall out of love). What it does mean is that you love each other enough that you're willing to stick with this person until you can love them again, no matter how long it takes.
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