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The Clean Cut: British retailer releases what some are calling the 'best Christmas ad ever'
In the ad from Marks and Spencer, Jake gives his sister a meaningful Christmas present. - photo by Noelle Baldwin
Every Christmas Eve, Santa Claus makes the rounds delivering presents around the world. But what does Mrs. Claus do while he is driving his sleigh?

In a Christmas ad published by Marks and Spencer, a popular British retailer, Mrs. Claus also helps Christmas wishes come true. After she sends Santa on his way, Mrs. Claus leaps into action to help a young boy named Jake.

In the commercial, Jake has an older sister, Anna, and a dog called Tiger. Jake writes to Mrs. Claus explaining that he and Anna have a strained relationship but then he tells her that Tiger recently ruined Anna's shoes. Jake writes to Mrs. Claus because he wants something, and knows that she can get it.

Mrs. Claus tracks Jakes location, enters her Batcave-esque secret room and grabs the perfect present. Then in James Bond style, she rides a snowmobile to her waiting helicopter, the R-Dolf. Mrs. Claus flies to Jakes house and makes the delivery.

Throughout the ad Jakes voice is heard reading his letter to Mrs. Claus. At the end of the video, just as Anna opens a new pair of shoes he says, You might think I dont like my sister very much. But I do. I love her a lot and I want her to be happy at Christmas.

The ad was called the best Christmas ad ever by Viralvo and has almost 6 million views on YouTube.

Watch the video on YouTube here.
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