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This father's voice evokes an astounding response from his newborn daughter
No Caption - photo by Kristina Tieken
Comedian Michael Jr. makes people laugh for a living, but what happened in the delivery room with his newborn daughter was no laughing matter - it was a heartwarming event.

Studies have shown that babies can recognize a mothers voice from the womb. Michaels video shows the great power in a fathers voice as well.

After his baby, Portland, was delivered, Michael greeted his wailing child with a calm voice. His soothing tones and words of comfort stopped her cries as she listened. While the nurse attended to Portland's needs, Michael quieted down and she started to cry again.

When Michael told her I love you, she stopped crying and immediately opened her eyes as if she understood what those words meant.

Michael was overcome with emotion by Portlands reaction to I love you.

All we have to do is open our eyes

Being a father of five, Michael said there is nothing he loves more than being a dad.

In reviewing the video, Michael Jr. couldn't help but be reminded of our relationship with God. He said people will have times when life is heavy and overwhelming, but they can find comfort in knowing they have a father that loves them.

The key thing to do in those moments is be still and listen for the Fathers voice, because he is trying to talk to you What he wants you to know is that he loves you. All youve got to do is open your eyes.
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