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Twilight Saga ends on high note
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Well, it’s finally over, folks. The final film of the Twilight Saga was released this past weekend. Whether you’re saying good riddance or wiping away bittersweet tears, there’s no denying that “Breaking Dawn — Part 2” is at the top of the box office.

So, in the story, Bella loves Edward Cullen even though he’s a vampire, but pursuing a relationship with her best friend, Jacob the werewolf, might have been the safer choice.

In “Breaking Dawn — Part 1,” all Bella’s dreams come true. Well, marrying right after high school wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but as fans of the series know, Edward is old-fashioned and insisted on the nuptials. They have a storybook wedding, and Edward whisks his bride away on a tropical honeymoon. There, they consummate their love. But this has two consequences. First, Edward feels guilty because he can hurt Bella during intimacy. It sounds goofy, but wouldn’t Superman and a human girl have similar problems? Second, Bella gets pregnant, and the thing that’s growing inside her at an alarming rate also will most likely kill her, but she loves it too much to give it up. Edward is forced to let his new wife deliver, but he then turns her right in the nick of time. When Bella opens her eyes, she’s a vampire.

This brings us to “Part 2.” Now life really is a fairy tale. Bella is beautiful and super strong; she certainly isn’t clumsy anymore. Her daughter, Renesmee, is part human, part not, and growing way too fast.

The trouble really comes when the menacing Volturi discover the child. Turning children is against the law, and since they don’t know the truth behind Renesmee’s birth, they are headed to Forks to wipe out the Cullen clan. The Cullens, wolves and other vampires from around the globe gather in hopes of swaying the Volturi against a massacre.

When I describe the Twilight series, it’s often difficult to do so with a straight a face. Yes, it all sounds silly and too romantic and nothing at all like typical vampire horror. But many of us always will have a soft spot for a story that says love conquers all.

“Breaking Dawn — Part 2” was a lot better than I thought it would be. The director, screenwriter and actors all should feel very proud for making the ridiculous seem utterly believable. And what a climax. Applause broke out numerous times during my viewing.

I’ve got to say … I’m a fan! Don’t hold it against me!

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