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Week honors Georgia school boards
0313 school board week
Liberty County Board of Education members will be celebrating School-Board Appreciation Week, held March 18-22. BoE members, from left, Verdell Jones, Vice Chair Carol Guyett, Becky Carter, Chairwoman Lily Baker, Marcia Anderson, Carolyn Smith Carter and Harold Woods.

The Liberty County School System is joining in a statewide celebration this week of the efforts of local school-board members.
The week of March 18-22 has been proclaimed School-Board Appreciation Week in Georgia. The weeklong observance calls attention to the contributions of local boards of education.
“Citizens elect board members to represent the community’s voice on education matters and to set the vision for the school district,” LCSS Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer said. “Our board spends countless hours fulfilling its responsibilities and working together to continually improve our education system.
“As the men and women citizens elect to represent them in education matters, local school boards represent a continuing commitment to local citizen control and decision-making in education.”
 The men and women serving in the school district and their years of service are: Lily Baker, chairwoman, six years; Carol Guyett, vice chairman, 21 years; Verdell Jones, four years; Becky Carter, 14 years; Marcia Anderson, 14 years; Harold Woods, 14 years; and Carolyn Smith Carter, newly seated.  
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