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Went for steaks, stayed for the chocolate
Liberty Foodie
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The Chocolate Stampede brought out the sweet-loving animals at Saturdays service test run at the new Hinesville LongHorn Steakhouse. - photo by Photo provided.

Yep, I did my civic duty Saturday and participated in the test run and employee training for the new Hinesville LongHorn Steakhouse.

Man did I have my fill.

I purposely had an early brunch that day which meant I was more than ready to sample the goods by my 7:30 dinner appointment.

And sample I did!

Yeah, it was tough ordering that 12 ounce medium-rare New York strip. OK, I did get the side salad and the loaded baked potato.

I sliced into the freshly baked honey wheat bread and slathered my piece in butter. Within minutes the steak arrived and it was delicious. Perfectly seasoned and juicy.

I had expected to dine on my own, but found two co-workers there. I joined them and they informed me that each table would get either a complimentary appetizer or dessert. They had chosen dessert, which was fine by me.

So once dinner was done we ordered the Chocolate Stampede.

Within minutes this mountainous tray is placed before us. There it was in all its glory, two slabs of chocolate cake with layers of chocolate mousse on top, and covered in more chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream — COVERED IN CHOCOLATE.

OK, so here is something you might not know about me yet. I like sweets, but I can also do without for long periods. So when I do splurge on dessert I always go for something chocolate.

And this was way beyond my chocolate expectations.

It was as if my tablemates and I were suddenly a pack of wolves going after the same prey. We eye-balled each other, grabbed our spoons and started cutting into the cake and ice cream and loading it on our individual plates.

This piece here is MINE all MINE, (picture the three of us suddenly hovering over our plates, nose deep in chocolate and only coming up for air or a second serving).

Not a word was spoken at first. Then occasionally a whisper of, “yum,” or “Oh man, this is good,” or “winning is knowing I wore my stretchy pants for this.”

It was 2,178 calories of sheer bliss (divided by three, so technically my portion was only 726 calories).

Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s the type of dessert that you think to yourself, this is awesome while telling your friends, “I’ll walk this off tomorrow,” even though you know you won’t.

It’s the type of chocolate overload better enjoyed at home (thank goodness for carry out). That way once you finished the cake and ice cream you could still enjoy licking the plate and not just the spoon.

Oh sure, go ahead and act like you don’t do that when your alone at home. And for those of you brave enough to do this at the restaurant — BRAVO, I bow down to you.

Bottom line, it was an indulgence I can’t wait to repeat soon. Very soon. And thankfully now I can do so without having to drive out of town.

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