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Life in Liberty: Q&A with Dr. Valya Lee, Liberty County School System Superintendent
AJ 2 by Kayla
Teacher Anthony Johnson sits with his Teacher of the Year award in his classroom.

Q: Describe the process for selecting the school system’s Teacher of the Year.

A: Each school chooses a school-level Teacher of the Year. An outside committee reviews applications and chooses an individual to represent the school district as the LCSS Teacher of the Year.

Q: What was your first experience with Anthony Johnson?

A: I don’t remember the earliest time meeting Mr. Johnson. However, the one that really comes to mind was when I visited Midway Middle School walked into his classroom. I knew he was a standout.

Q: How does he stand out from his colleagues?

A: He is highly motivated and has student success at the heart of everything he does from day to day. He is extremely creative and makes a point of getting to the heart of the children, which causes them to be engaged in his (instruction and) respectful of him as a teacher.

Q: What do you think drives his success?

A: He goes well beyond his classroom curriculum in reaching his student. He has created activities such as Real Men Read mentoring program for students and working with them as a choral director.

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