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Absent authority member resigns
Graylan Quarterman
Graylan Quarterman - photo by Courier file photo
Graylan Quarterman, Liberty County Development Authority member, officially resigned by a letter submitted Jan. 2 to the county commission chairman.
County Administrator Joey Brown read the letter and the commissioners unanimously approved acceptance of the letter during its monthly meeting Tuesday.
“…I feel it was the best way to absolutely ensure the most explicit progress of the board, as well as the county, is to resign,” Brown read.
Quarterman left last August to serve a year-long assignment in Kosovo with the Army Corps of Engineers. His request for a leave of absence from his LCDA position had not been denied or approved by the commissioners.  
Now that the position is vacant, the commission will soon advertise for the opening. And anyone in the county can apply for appointment.
Quarterman has served on the LCDA for five years, according to his letter.
Commissioner Eddie Walden wanted to have a thank-you letter sent to him.
“I know he understands the need to press forward on this,” Walden said.
And Quarterman has said the diverted attention concerning his leave of absence needs to be focused back on the issues facing the board.
“And I’ve wrestled with this back and forth…I enjoy serving [on LCDA] and I enjoy serving my country,” Quarterman said.
“[I] would love to see something positive, versus negative, in any aspect.”
He thought consulting the attorney general and all the questioning  involved on the two boards may have made bad showing to the public.
“If I could have sat on the commissioners’ board, I would have made a decision to control this…and put a stop to it,” Quarterman said. “That has not happened, so I am put to task to put the best thing forward.”
He hopes the next person in his position works as he had to bring industry and businesses that show their love for the county by “emptying something back in the community.”
Quarterman said he
had tried to bring in more jobs and help potential employees with the education needed to secure the jobs.
“One of the things that I really wanted to see done was the economics of this county distributed fairly across the county,” Quarterman said. “And I hope whoever is my predecessor that they have the same concept.”
And he feels LCDA is already well on its way.
“I think that we have a great team of folks there, who have developed this type of vision.”
Quarterman does not sit on any other boards and said he currently is not seeking a position, calling the current government “well-represented.”
“My intent is to always be available to serve Liberty County at my best,” Quarterman said.

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