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Adult stores stir debate
County commission reworking licensing, zoning requirements
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Adult entertainment businesses take the stage at a public hearing at tomorrow's 5 p.m. Liberty County Commission meeting.
Commissioners have been working with County Attorney Kelly Davis since December to amend the 23-year-old ordinance's licensing and zoning requirements.
"I think many people, primarily, are concerned about the placement of the adult entertainment establishments," Davis said during the Jan. 6 commission meeting.
Constituents already have mixed reviews.
Terry Williams, 32, has already spent $200 in the local Sunset Novelties adult bookstore recently opened in Willowbrook Plaza. He thinks regulation should not be too strict.
"Before you walk up in that store, they're going to ask for your ID," Williams said.
David Smith, 25, was surprised to discover the store about a week ago.
When he lived in Las Vegas, the military police soldier said he saw how adult entertainment businesses contribute to crime. He thinks they should only be on the "outskirts."
"I know what type of people go to those stores and what type of people will hang around those stores," he said.
Tru Playas off Highway 84 and Silver Dollar lounge on Highway 196 are the only two entertainment establishments now in unincorporated areas of the county.
Jennifer's Big Apple on Highway 84 is regulated by Hinesville's adult entertainment ordinance passed in September 2007. Sunset Novelties is city's newest adult entertainment business.
Sarah Hammer, 26, doesn't have a problem with it.
"It's better to have it there than having to drive out to Savannah," she said.
And Hammer, the mother of two, is a "family person."
"To me, other than the name, they're not going to [know]," she said. "I don't think that's going to be an issue."
Hammer talked over a cup of coffee with Esther Smith at Donut Connection next to Sunset Novelties.
"It's not interfering with anyone who doesn't
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