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All eyes on Isaias
Sunday 11 a.m. advisory from the National Weather Service.

Isaias lashed the Bahamas as a Category 1 hurricane, making landfall over Andros Island around midday Saturday before it approaches the Florida coast on Sunday and then eyes the southeastern U.S. coast early in the week, according to a report on AccuWeather.

Meteorologist Maura Kelly reported that the Carolinas are predicted to take the brunt of Isaias. The exact impacts will depend on where the storm makes landfall and how much strength the storm is able to maintain into the beginning of the week. Isaias weakened to a tropical storm late Saturday afternoon after making landfall over the Bahamas.

Isaias is expected to turn to the north Sunday, taking it on a path right along the Florida coast before it is predicted to turn more northeasterly and strike the Carolinas early week.

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