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Area commissioners meet in Long
long commish meeting
Long County Commission Chairman Bobby Walker and Liberty County Commission Chairman John McIver talk with Walker’s wife, Christy, before the meeting. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
Long County hosted the 12th District Association of County Commissioners of Georgia meeting Nov. 18 at the First Baptist Church in Ludowici.
The meeting began when ACCG 12th District Board Representative John McIver called the meeting to order. Next, Long County Commission Chairman Bobby Walker welcomed the group.
“I want to thank everyone who came out today, and want all of you to know that we are trying to move forward in Long County. That is one of the reasons we are trying to host events like this,” Walker said.
McIver took the podium again and went around the room, introducing the guests.
Commissioners from Bullock, Chatham, Bryan, Camden and Effingham counties attended along with Commissioners Eddie Walden, Connie Thrift and McIver from Liberty County. Commissioners Wallace Shaw, David Richardson, Cliff DeLoach and Walker represented Long County.
 District 165 Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway, Sen. Tommie Williams and District 1 Senator-elect Buddy Carter also put in appearances.
ACCG Executive Director Jerry Griffin then addressed the group of about 50, encouraging the commissioners to work closely with the state legislators.
“The General Assembly is not out to get us. They just don’t understand how we operate and, unfortunately, we don’t do a good job of telling them what we do,” Griffin said.
Sen. Williams spoke about the tough economic situation the state is dealing with. He said the hardships won’t end any time soon and things may get worse before they get better.
But he added that Georgia is the lowest taxed state in the
nation, per capita, and said the state has the lowest debt per capita at $121 per resident.
“We can do things to help you help yourself, but as for money, we can’t help you,” the senator said.
 Rep. Williams agreed that the tough times likely will continue for awhile.
“It’s tough and it’s not going to get better,” he said. “One thing you can’t take out of politics is the politics.”
Other topics discussed at the meeting included legislative priorities, budget issues and a new ACCG legislative tracking system that will be operational in 2010.
Following the speeches, attendees enjoyed a meal and discussed issues among themselves.
“Meetings like this are good for Long County. They help change the perspective that some have about us and our area,” Shaw said. “Also, when groups like this come together, we are able to share ideas.”
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