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Be a Good Earth steward all year
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Karen Bell is director of Keep Liberty Beautiful.

I usually do not do this, but I had to!  I was walking with my grandson, Bryce, well he was riding his bike, and I saw the most beautiful yard.  I stopped and looked at this yard and was compelled to go knock on their door.  In my head, I was thinking,” this is crazy, turn around, leave their walkway, and these people are not going to open their door for you.” But in my heart, “you got to tell them that you love their yard, how can you walk away and not let them know you appreciate their efforts, and they should be rewarded for this!” Well, my heart won, and I knocked on their door and explained who I was, where I worked, and why I had to knock on their door.  People like this make you proud to be a part of a community that respects the Earth.  I will share more about my encounter with them next week with photos.  

April is the month we celebrate our Earth.  In Liberty County, we will celebrate Earth Day on April 23, 2021.  Keep Liberty Beautiful Advisory Board and volunteers have been working hard to make this year’s activities safe, fun, educational, and exciting.  We will have a drive-thru event at Bryant Commons.  The event time is 4:00pm until 6:00pm, and we have most of the booths from years past, and some new booths were added to the mix.  All the activities are free!  Each booth activity will be individually packaged so the family can enjoy them together at home.    

Throughout April, you will have the opportunity to celebrate all month long with Keep Liberty Beautiful.  We will celebrate the Earth with the following activities:  online contests, a scavenger hunt bingo, trivia games, virtual Storytime, and crafting tutorials.  All the information will be on our website and Facebook page.  We have some great prizes, like, a Smart TV, Karaoke Machines, and  Fire TV Sticks.  We are also giving away Garden Kits, Composting Kits, No Waste Lunch Kits, and Watch Me Grow Kits.  

Earth Day was founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues to raise public awareness and is now a global celebration on April 22.  Our Liberty County Earth Day event has taken months of planning, and I am sure this event will be something you do not want to miss no matter what your age!  Earth Day is for our community and by our community.  We have Over 30 booths hosted by organizations, businesses, agencies, and churches, that partner with us at Keep Liberty Beautiful.  The booths range from a wide variety of crafts, displays, and activities in our biggest education event of the year!  We have volunteers using their time to accomplish our mission of undercover environmental education disguised as fun. We could not do this event without that kind of commitment from our community, so thank you so much to all of those volunteers and partners. 

The booths will have crafts that share information about water conservation, Stormwater pollution, litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction, and community improvement.  Those topics may not sound that interesting to some of you, but when you learn about the problems that litter and Stormwater create, you learn to do better.  You can learn about water conservation and the difference that recycling can make with our load of different activities for kids of all ages. And for you parents and young at heart adults that attend, there are plenty of things that you will enjoy, too, including a variety of garden containers, like our backyard veggie garden possibilities and herb garden. 

There are loads of displays on ideas that you can use at home for waste-free lunches, composting, and using rain barrels to capture water for your landscape. There are also several entertaining groups along the route.  There will be so many cute and fun components of this event.  I wish I could share them all here, but you will just have to join us and see for yourself!  Taking care of the Earth should be a joyous task for all of us!  It is our home, after all, and we are its stewards.  

So plan now to join us at our Annual Earth Day Celebration.  Our celebration happens at Bryant Commons, 438 W. Oglethorpe Highway, Hinesville, from 4:00pm until 6:00pm on Friday, April 23, 2021.  Mark your calendar now to attend!  If you would like to learn more, contact us at Keep Liberty Beautiful at,, or (912) 880-4888.  We can always use more Booth Hostess, so signup because volunteers are greatly appreciated for this event.

Also, do not forget our upcoming Countywide cleanup on April 17, 2021.  Be sure to sign up online at   All organizations, churches, businesses, and civic clubs are encouraged to register now to participate in this volunteer cleanup to spruce up Liberty County!  Each city in Liberty County cleanups will be from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  KLB provides all the cleanup supplies (garbage bags, safety vests, work gloves, and even litter reachers), water for these cleanups.  We also offer official Great American Cleanup t-shirts for all registered volunteers.  Sure, we pick up litter, but we also make a valuable statement about litter when citizens come out together and clean up!  

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