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Board of Elections holds emergency Meeting Monday
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An emergency meeting of the Liberty County Board of Elections and Registration (the “Board of Elections”) will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, June 29, 2020, in the meeting room of the Board of Elections, located in the Old Liberty County Courthouse, at 100 Main Street, Hinesville, Georgia 31313, for the purpose of discussing the matters noted below.

At the time this notice is being prepared, the agenda for the meeting is anticipated to include the following matters:

1. Convene Public Meeting – Chairperson

2. Certification of Compliance with Georgia Open Meetings Act

3. Adjourn to Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matter Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 50-14-3(b)(2)

4. Reconvene Public Meeting

5. Appointment of Interim Elections Supervisor/Registrar

6. Discussion of matters related to August 10, 2020 Runoff

7. Adjourn – Chairperson/Presiding Officer

The Board of Elections reserves the right to include any additional matters it finds necessary to address after the publication of this notice.

The foregoing is intended to satisfy the public notice and agenda requirements imposed by the Georgia Open Meetings Act, § 50-14-1 et seq.

Posting Instructions:

1. Post at location of regular meetings of Board of Elections (i.e. Board of Elections Office).

2. Post on County website.

3. Notify Coastal Courier of meeting, as well as any other broadcast or print media requesting notification or copy of agenda within past year (note: the agenda does not have to be published in the Coastal Courier; only emailed to its offices)

4. All postings should be accomplished as soon as practicable (and removed following the meeting)

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