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Census jobs available in Ludowici, Allenhurst
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The U.S. Census Bureau is looking for people from Long County and Allenhurst to fill jobs when the 2010 national count is conducted.
According to USCB recruiting assistant John Geraghty, the bureau needs to fill jobs in Long Country, as it is trying to get workers in place from every city and county in the nation. Geraghty, who is from Savannah, said that in most U.S. cities, applications for these jobs have flooded in.  
However, he said Long County and Allenhurst have not produced the number of applicants the bureau had hoped for. As a result, Geraghty said officials are making a push to find workers in the area.
“The Census bureau is trying to provide jobs to people in all areas of the country and, in these areas, there have been few applications submitted. So, that is why I am out putting up this information,” the recruiting assistant said.
Last week, Geraghty visited the Long County Courthouse and put up posters containing information on applying for Census jobs.
He said the jobs pay $11-$14.50 per hour, and they are not hard to qualify for.  Applicants must take a multiple-choice test. Questions will focus on clerical skills, reading, number skills and organizational skills. Geraghty said the test takes around three hours to complete and there are practice tests available online.
Anyone from Long County or Allenhurst is encouraged to obtain more information on these jobs by going to or by calling (866) 861-2010 or (912) 544-0140.
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