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Deeds Jan. 21-Feb. 1
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The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from Jan. 21-Feb. 1. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Chase Home Finance LLC to VA; Book:  1512, Page: 396, No tax; Description: Lot 69 Arlen Oaks Sd Phase 3 1476th GMD

Coastal Bank to White, Roger Bruce; Book: 1512, Page: 647, Tax: $121;
Description: Lots 31 & 32 Sunshine Lake Sd 1359th GMD

Colonial Coast Development Co. to Kennedy, Debra E. and Avery W.;
1512, Page: 366, Tax: $176; Description: Tract 1 2.40 acres 1458th GMD

Downtown Group LLC to Hinesville city; Book: 1513, Page: 62, Tax: $65;
Description: .30 acres 17th GMD

Dryden Enterprises to Russell, Shonta; Book: 1512, Page: 398, Tax:  $148.10; Description: Lot 21 Devereaux Place Sd 1458th GMD

Eastern View Holdings LLC to Osteen Holdings LLC; Book:
1512, Page: 715, No tax; Description: Lot 24 Spartina Landing containing 3.01 acres 1359th GMD

Georgia Southern Home Builders LLC to Lillibridge, Joseph R.; Book: 1513, Page: 91, Tax: $131.50; Description: Unit 3 Bld C Maybank Village Condos

Kesner, Melvin P. Jr. to Kaercher, Cyle Manning; Book: 1513, Page: 29, Tax:  $108; Description: Lot 27 Cypress Cove Sd Phase 3 1458th GMD

Krebs, Paul B. to Moss, Laundell; Book: 1512, Page: 352, Tax: $25; Description: 1.004 acres 1458th GMD

Lambert, Craig M. to Long, Justin B.; Book: 1512, Page: 268, Tax: $139.90;
Description: Lot 4 Lakeview Estates 17th GMD

Matthews, Josephine M. to Nails, Ricky M.; Book: 1512, Page: 606, Tax: $105;
Description: Lot 11 Woodridge Homes Blk A 1458th GMD

Matthews, Lester J. to Webster, Maurice D. II; Book:
1512, Page: 235, Tax:  $123; Description: Lot 162 Hawthorne Sd Phase 4 1458th GMD

Oakbrook Properties Inc. and Phillips, Dewayne to Slade, William H.; Book: 1512, Page: 589, Tax:  $92.50; Description: 7.703 acres 1359th GMD

RM Ray Developers LLC to Griffin, Charles L. and Griffin, Julie A.;
1512, Page: 493, Tax: $13; Description: Tract 1 0.12 of an acre Tract 2 0.316 of an acre 1458th GMD

Shree Swaminarayan Inc. to Kronos Hinesville LLC; Book: 1513, Page: 116, Tax:  $350; Description: 5.19 acres 17th GMD

Terra Firma Development LLC to Watson, Edna and Jay; Book: 1512, Page: 329, Tax: $381.40; Description: Lot 6 The Village at Sunbury 1359th GMD

Walters, William J. Jr. to Cotton, Raymond J.; Book: 1512, Page: 308, Tax:  $84; Description: Lot 14 Northwest Woods Phase 6 B 17th GMD

Wooten, Jacqueline Hazel to Stegall, Carey L. and Nell L.; Book:  1512, Page: 262, Tax: $125; Description: 1 acre 1756th GMD

Zentiska, Susan Penney to Jacobs, Eva A.; Book: 1512, Page: 546, Tax: $19;
Description: Parcel A 1 acre of a recombination & division of 4.90 acres Liberty Co

Brown, Monique N. to Jordan, Justin Keith; Book: 1513, Page: 657, Tax:  $111.50; Description: Lot 57 Revised Pineridge Plantation Phase 2 1458th GMD

Dryden Enterprises to Miller, Derek S., and Miller, Felicia E. Douglas;
1513, Page: 538, Tax: $216.30; Description: Lot 49 Hickory Hill Sd Phase I 1359th GMD

Fountain, Taun L. to Ouden, Toni Lenell; Book: 1513, Page: 383, Tax: $117;
Description: Lot 54 St Catherines Commons Phase 2 1458th GMD

Georgia Coastal Land Co. to Georgia Southern Home Builders LLC; Book: 1513, Page: 679, Tax: $120; Description: Bldg E 9180 square feet 1458th GMD

Haniff, Mohamed M. to Moore, Mathew Wayne and Moore, Krista J.; Book: 1513, Page: 338, Tax: $127.30; Description: Lot 30 Triple Crown Plantation 1458th GMD

Howard, Kacey to Burns, Cory A.; Book: 1513, Page: 300, Tax: $110; Description: Lot 38 Ridgewood Sd Phase 2 17th GMD

KC Brothers Construction LLC to Hoang, Lee V.; Book: 1513, Page: 361, Tax: $403; Description: Lot 5 Tremain Estates 17th GMD

Rogers, Jimmy C. and Rogers, Malinda B. to Southeastern Commercial Contractors Inc.; Book: 1513, Page: 271, Tax: $90; Description: Deed Book 1512 page 51 Tract 1 Lot 39 Lancaster Estates Tract 2 a portion of Lot 38 Lancaster Estates containing 226.48 square feet 17th GMD Corrective Warranty Deed

Rogers, John Henry to Rogers, Doris N.; Book: 1513, Page: 401, No tax;
Description: 1/2 Undivided interest Lot 46 Shady Forks Sd 1359th GMD

Rogers, Walt and WR Enterprises LLC to Pizzino, Mary M. and Steven W.; Book:
1513, Page:  520, Tax  $213.90; Description: Lot 8 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Rogers, Walt and WR Enterprises LLC to Burns, Cymberly A. and Michael A.; Book: 1513, Page:  697, Tax: $185.50; Description: Lot 18 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD
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