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Dryden housing project progressing
Highway 196 West work set before troop announcements
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More homes are going up in Hinesville as Liberty County developers continue to prepare for growth.
Claude Dryden, owner
of Dryden Enterprise, Inc., has been working on a
three-part residential neighborhood off Highway 196 West for a little more than a year.
“We had this planned before they even announced this other brigade was coming,” Dryden said.
Recently, the Army announced the 5th Brigade Combat Team is not coming to Fort Stewart, as originally planned, but the county still expects more troop growth.
Griffin Park is going to be about 220 apartments and 400 or more single residential units.
Orange cones on Highway 196 still mark the turn-in for the tucked-away residential complex.  
“It’s all back there,” Dryden said. “It’s a big project.”
The 30-year business development veteran said he is excited about doing the project and the location. He said he has always had “good growth at good levels.”
“For us, it’s just another project,” Dryden said.  
The front of the property is also zoned commercial.
Dryden Enterprises doubles as a developer and construction company, clearing the land and building the homes.
They have been tackling the utility work for the past year and crews just started on the first house last week.
The area has a planned unit development permit so changes are feasible.
“This is a PUD, so there’s flexibility built into this,” Dryden said.
There’s no word yet on when the project will be complete, but availability will be based on demand.
“With all the ups and downs, we’re a little unsure of what that is, but we’re ready for growth,” Dryden said.
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