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Georgians donate $1.1 million using income tax
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ATLANTA — Georgia taxpayers contributed more than $1.1 million using the donations to special funds provision on their 2006 personal income tax return during fiscal year 2007.
The donated amounts were $310,023.87 to the Georgia Cancer Research Fund; $222,193.46 to the Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly;
$114,195.41 to the Georgia National Guard Foundation; $109,877.36 to the
Georgia Greenspace Trust Fund; $318,883.03 to the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund; and $46,868.96 to the Dog and Cat Sterilization Fund.
The Cancer Research Fund provides money to continue the most innovative and promising research in breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.
The Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly supports programs for preschool children with health, educational and emotional needs and funds elderly services, such as home-delivered meals and transportation to medical appointments.
The Georgia National Guard Foundation provides humanitarian and emergency financial support to members of the Georgia National Guard and their families.
The Greenspace Trust Fund provides funds for land conservation to protect Georgia’s natural resources and to increase the State’s economic competitiveness.
The Wildlife Conservation Fund provides money to protect and conserve Georgia’s nongame wildlife.
The Dog and Cat Sterilization Fund provides financial support for the sterilization of dogs and cats, as well as education to the general public regarding the benefits of animal sterilization.
Taxpayers make contributions to the funds by either allocating a portion of their refund to a fund or increasing the amount of tax due by the amount they desire to donate.
Georgia’s taxpayers have donated more than $7.3 million using the donations to special funds provision on their personal income tax return since the program was introduced in 1999.
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