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Local firm gets product approved
BioAgra makes animal feed supplement
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BioAgra of Hinesville has announced its proprietary all-natural feed supplement, AGRASTIM® has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as approved for use in organic production.
BioAgra manufactures animal feed products in the eMotion building, which was specially constructed in the Hinesville industrial park for automobile assembly.
OMRI is a national nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed — or approved — products may be used in operations that are “certified organic” under the USDA National Organic Program. BioAgra is now permitted to say “OMRI Listed” on AGRASTIM®’s label and on any promotional literature. OMRI listed products are suitable for use in organic production and AGRASTIM(R) is now included on the OMRI Products List.
OMRI is a disinterested third party that makes recommendations to the organic operator and certifier. Forty-six of the ninety-five accredited U.S. and International certifying agents for the USDA National Organic Program subscribe to OMRI’s review and listing service
To this effect AGRASTIM® was also tested by an independent laboratory and certified to be in compliance with FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) guidelines. AGRASTIM(R) requires no further FDA or USDA approval for use with farm animals raised for human consumption.
AGRASTIM(R) is a yeast Beta glucan product derived and purified from spent baker’s or brewer’s yeast. This feed additive alleviates the need to use growth promotion antibiotics in the feed of the livestock (beef & dairy cattle), equine, swine, poultry, turkey, duck and aquaculture industries. AGRASTIM(R) has a very high biological activity and is a proven safe and effective compound that can strengthen the immune system of farm animals when added to their feed.
When AGRASTIM(R) is fed to farm animals, it has been shown to:
• Reduce mortality (fewer losses through premature death)
• Reduce morbidity (fewer losses through disease)
• Increase bacterial resistance
• Increase viral resistance
• Increase feed conversion (greater weight gain on less feed)
• Increase growth rate (reaching market weight in shorter growing time)
• Increase longevity (longer life for breeding stock)
• Poultry - AGRASTIM® has been shown to reduce mortality resulting from bacterial infections, improve weight gain and feed conversion, reduce condemnations, and shorten growing time, resulting in higher profits for the producer.
• Dairy cattle — AGRASTIM® has been shown to reduce “somatic cell count,” the indicator of infection that results in decreased milk production.
• Beef and pigs — AGRASTIM® has been shown to increase the number and survivability of live births and increases feed conversion.
• Fish and shellfish — AGRASTIM® has been shown to increase disease resistance and feed conversion.
• Horses — AGRASTIM® has been shown to improve stamina and increase vaccine conversion.
Because AGRASTIM® works through stimulation of the body’s own immune system; it helps promote the overall health of most animals, while increasing disease resistance.
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