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New shops, restaurant on MLK
Luther Frazier hangs a chandelier in the new the Gold Mender, preparing for the jewelry store to move to the Centre Plaza downtown on MLK Jr. Drive.
It’s been less than a year since North Main Construction started work, but Centre Plaza on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is now complete and will open as early as next week.
Rodney Elliot, owner of North Main Construction, said there were only a few loose ends to tie up before opening the building for business.
“What remains to be done is just getting the final inspections,” Elliot said on Aug. 27. “It’ll be done between now and next week.”
More than 100 workers contributed to the $1.6 million project that began in January, and Elliot is more than pleased with the outcome.
“There’s a lot of excitement going on, waiting on the building,” Elliot said. “Everybody we talked to said it looks nice and (is) very pleased.”
He owns and independently financed the 12,000 square foot, two-story property and decided to construct the building to help “revitalize the downtown,” and “bring more shopping downtown.”
Elliot is leasing the space to five local businesses; Gold Mender Jewelry, Hinesville Day Spa and Salon, the Hinesville Steak House, A-1 Carpet Repair and A Plus Alarm Technology.
While residents are familiar with most of the businesses, the Hinesville Steak House restaurant will be new. The eatery will serve breakfast, lunch and steak dinners.
It will be couple months before the restaurant opens, but Gold Mender Jewelry and the Hinesville Day Spa and Salon are expected to move in within the coming weeks.
Tom Hill of the Gold Mender hopes their downtown presence will attract those who are not familiar with the business.
“We got a lot of people that just don’t know what we are or who we are exactly,” Hill said. “So moving down there will market our business more to professional people and the local people.”
Hill also said the new location gives his store more space to merchandise display.
An added amenity is “Kids Castle,” complete with TV, games and six-foot knight in shining armor, to occupy children while parents look at jewelry.
Hill thinks the public will particularly welcome the Design Center.
“They’ll just be able to sit at a desk with either me or Chrissy...and talk in a more quiet area instead of out in the middle of the store like we do now,” Hill said.
The Gold Mender will have giveaways during its grand opening, which Hill thinks will be near October.
“I think it’s going to be a good move for downtown and for us,” he said.
Elliot owns another building downtown and has had good experiences working with the city and the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority.
“We hope to be building more downtown,” he said. “We hope to bring more business downtown.”
He is also looking forward to the plaza’s presence in the downtown festivities during the holiday season.
Local artists will be able to display work on the second floor walls, according to Elliot.
He hopes the track lighting will accent the projects, similar to an art gallery.
Elliot has been in North Main construction for four years and has owned A Plus Alarm for nine years.

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