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Pay-as-you go lets customers budget gas bill
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ATLANTA ­— As the ongoing recession leaves a growing number of people with uncertain budgets and difficult choices, Gas South is providing consumers with a payment option to help ensure the availability of affordable residential natural gas service.
The Atlanta-based natural gas provider’s pay-as-you-go program was developed for credit-challenged customers who may have recently relocated or are dealing with financial challenges that prevent them from paying the deposits required by other natural gas providers.
Gas South provides service to portions of Liberty County and Southeast Georgia.
“We are pleased that in so many cases where other gas companies are saying ‘no’ to credit-challenged customers, the pay-as-you-go program allows Gas South to say ‘yes, we can help you,’” said Kevin Greiner, CEO of Gas South. “The fact that there are no up-front costs for customers who qualify for the pay-as-you-go program makes it a very important option for people that may be struggling financially.”
Although the state’s regulated provider is required to provide natural gas service to anyone regardless of credit history or ability to pay, the regulated provider can require large deposits for customers with poor credit histories. By contrast, customers who qualify for Gas South’s pay-as-you-go program are not required to pay any deposit, and monthly base customer service fees are lower than the regulated provider’s.
In addition, customers who establish a good payment record with pay-as-you-go for 12 consecutive months become eligible to move to one of Gas South’s regular service plans, with the option of a lower monthly base service fee and more affordable rates.
Greiner said pay-as-you-go was launched in May 2008, and during the past year, more than 10,000 customers have enrolled in the program — a number he expects to grow.
“We recognize that this is a difficult time for a lot of people and we are glad that we are able to help, because natural gas is an essential utility service,” he said. “We expect the number of customers who participate in pay-as-you-go to increase substantially as more people become aware of this innovative and timely plan.”
For more information about the pay-as-you-go program, call 1-877-347-7243 or go to
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