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Restaurant feeds family in need
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The Rosenhof German Restaurant hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for the family whose children where affected by the abandonment of their mother.
The family — a Fort Stewart soldier and his four daughters, ages 2-7, was treated with a “Trip to Germany,” a meal described by restaurant owner, Anke Hinze as having “everything,” including schnitzel, bratwurst and home fries.
Hinze just wanted to make sure “the family was happy” and “the kids had a good Christmas,” she said.  
“Grownups can deal with things differently than children do,” Hinze said.  
As a mother herself, Hinze said she felt “very good” about being able to spread some holiday joy.
The soldier received a shocking blow when he returned from Iraq earlier this month to find his wife had reportedly abandoned their four children and raided their home, possessions and bank account.
The shockwave swelled when the soldier discovered the children needed emergency room treatment for severe neglect. The 2-year-old had reportedly developed cysts in her lungs from untreated pneumonia and will undergo surgery in January to have half her left lung removed.
“He (the soldier) has a lot going on right now,” Christina Anthony, family program director for the Liberty County Armed Services YMCA, said.
To date, there has not been a clear explanation for the abandonment.
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