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Speaker: People decide what an area is like
Ed turose
Ed Turose
Ed Turose, a strategic planner and financial manager for two Fortune 500 companies-Coca-Cola and UniLever, told people during a recent Liberty County Chamber of Commerce meeting that the quality of life in this area is up to them.
The motivational speaker focused on unity, excellence and integrity while speaking at the Bethesda Church in Flemington in front of Chamber members, city officials and the community. He reportedly brought an enigmatic style to the stage that captured the audience’s attention.
“People are not leaving the community. They are coming, and everyone here has something to offer to the community. The unity among all of you is critical in the territory as you plan to expand it,” he said.
He stressed pairing unity and excellence, as it will act as a driving force to improve the area.
He quoted the Book of Genesis, reminisced on his travails and reiterated the importance of staying above the bar to carry the county into the decades to come.  
When mentioning integrity, he said, “You must be integral people because the legacy you leave behind will act as a cornerstone for your children and peers to emulate.”
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