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You may be paying too much for natural gas
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Public Service Commission has modified its natural gas price comparison chart to better assist you in finding the natural gas price plan that best fits your needs. If you are on a variable rate plan, now is the time to see how your rate compares. You could be paying over $50 more this month for natural gas than you need to.
The PSC’s chart is being updated to better show how the rate existing customers are paying compares to other options. Depending on the marketer used, the bill of a typical residential natural gas customer using 134 therms this month ranges from $160.31 (Fireside Natural Gas) and $165.34 (Walton EMC Natural Gas) to $212.14 (Georgia Natural Gas’ Market Variable Plan). That is over $50 for one month.
Not only do different marketers charge very different prices, the prices that some marketers charge their existing customers may vary greatly. So, even switching plans within the same marketer can save you money. Some marketers charge existing customers higher per therm rates than the current standard variable rate and will not switch you to this lower cost plan unless you expressly ask them to do so.
For example, existing customers on Georgia Natural Gas’ “Market Variable Plan” would pay $212.14 using 134 therms, but could pay $188.02 on Georgia Natural’s “Variable Select Plan” available to new customers. That is a $24 difference. Existing customers on SCANA’s “Standard Variable Plan” would pay $205.54 using 134 therms, but could pay $183.12 on its “Variable Plan” — a difference of $22.
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