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Cities to work together to buy new fire truck
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Hinesville City Council is moving forward with a plan to purchase a new fire engine that is seen as a “win-win” for the city and Flemington. Hinesville City Manager Kenneth Howard said he and others from the city administration have reached out to Flemington’s leaders about using that city’s impact fee proceeds to help buy a new fire truck for Hinesville. Hinesville provides fire service for Flemington, and the Flemington’s uses for the impact fees it receives are limited.

“The city of Hinesville has a great need for fire engines,” Hinesville chief financial officer Kim Ryon said. “Our fleet is aging and we have a need to purchase a couple of engines.”

Flemington’s impact fee, assessed on new construction, cannot be used for operational expenses. It can be used only for capital purchases.

The cost of a new fire engine is about $500,000.

Under the potential agreement, Flemington would purchase the new fire truck with its impact fee revenues and title the truck to Hinesville. Hinesville then will amortize that over five years at 3.5%.

Flemington pays a pro rata share of Hinesville’s fire department operating budget, based on the service area’s tax digest. For fiscal year 2022, Ryon said, that came out to approximately $207,000.

Ryon said they expect to reduce Flemington’s operating expenses by $107,000 a year for five years.

Flemington City Council members gave their go-ahead to the proposal earlier this month.

Hinesville looked at replacing its tower engine, but the cost of a new one is estimated at $1.1 million.

“Although we are getting less,” Howard said, “we are getting that $500,000 that we could use to purchase that engine. It is a win-win for both cities.”

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