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City considering new signs
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An artist's rendering shows what the new gateway signs to Hinesville may look like.
The city will soon have its name embossed in gold plating and mounted on Georgia granite.
At a Hinesville City Council meeting last week, Assistant City Manager Kenny Howard and Vicki Davis, director of Hinesville Downtown Development Authority, explained a proposed design during the council meeting.
The design will be on four signs positioned at "prime entry points," according to Davis, near city limits.
She said the signs are to be complete by this fall.
New appealing signs would offer more than an "official welcome to our fair city of Hinesville," she said.
"It gives identity to our city in terms of offering the opportunity to celebrate being home of the US Army 3rd Infantry Division."
The gateway signs are part of a navigation finding system set to improve how visitors find key places in the city.
The directional signs have already been approved and purchased, according to Davis, and the gateway sign design presented at the meeting compliments the established theme.
Planning for the signs were a joint effort with the city and HDDA's Army Community Heritage Partnership Program.
A committee is also asking sign designers about possible construction challenges, since two of the signs will be on state highways and should not create any visual barriers.
"They will help us in that process of what is needed and also in scale," Davis said.
Mayor Pro Tem Charles Frasier commended the sign design and the committee for its evident progress in a project that has long been in the works.
"I'm happy that we're able to see some closure here and I think it's very important to the city as we continue to grow," he said.

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