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Cold to continue through weekend
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Don’t put the hat and gloves away just yet. Jack Frost is planning to extend his visit to the South.
Mike Hodges, director of the Liberty-Hinesville Emergency Management Agency, predicted low temperatures tumbling into the teens this weekend. The chill should thaw out by next week.
“Thank heavens this cold front is coming through kind of rapidly,” Hodges said. “The teens are really brutal takes so much more to stay comfortable.”
The National Weather Service said the arctic air mass moving through the region will be the coldest since 1989. And wind chills are likely to add to frigid temperatures.
While lows will hardly touch South Dakota’s record-breaking -47 degrees, the cold front coming through isenough to keep local officials on guard.
Nothing other than a freeze warning has been designated for Liberty County.
“The weather is something that changes momentarily,” Hodges said. “The best thing any and everyone can do is stay aware.”
And the local Georgia Forestry Commission will be on increased fire danger alert for the next several days, according to David Duke, Ranger #2 at the Midway office.
“The really dry air helps to move the fire faster than it normally would, so we’ll just be on standby,” Duke said of the low humidity.
Warning against improper fireplace and space heater use, Hodges said bundling up and dressing in layers are not the only precautions.
“Some things people need to think about, very seriously, are making sure they have an adequate fuel source, ahead of time,” Hodges said.
It is too soon to tell if snow will fall, but heavy frost is likely.
“Pretty well all that [snow] is hanging to the west. I don’t foresee that,” Hodges said. “Even frost can create enough of a front steps hazard – you can very easily slide down.”
Elderly people will need special attention. And pets need especially warm shelter, since it is not as easy for them to acclimatize to bitter temperatures.
“People who have their own water system built in they need to make sure their pipes are wrapped and adequate insulation to keep from freezing,” Hodges said.

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