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Colonel's Island residents take on fire plan
Liberty Co fire service

Residents in the Colonel’s Island area met with Liberty County Board of Commission Chairman Donald Lovette, District 1 Commissioner Marion Stevens Sr., District 6 Commissioner Eddie Walden and District 5 Commissioner Gary Gilliard to discuss the Eastern District Fire Plan, according to a letter posted on the Friends of Colonel’s Island Facebook page from Allen Davis, Chairman of the Eastern District Fire Protection Plan Committee.

The meetings were held March 4 and 5. They discussed funding to provide full time fire fighters at the Sunbury Station. They also discussed setting forth a budget for the full time fire fighters beginning July 1, 2019 to be a part of the 2020 Liberty County fiscal year.

On Feb. 15, residents met with Liberty County Development Authority Chairman Allen Brown to review details of the plan and possibly locate the new Tradesport East Fire Station near the entrance to Tradeport East. It was suggested during the meeting that the residents schedule a meeting with the Authority Board of Directors and Administrative Staff to review the plan as soon as possible.

The letter concluded with discussing the next steps in the process. The residents intend to schedule a meeting with the Hospital Authority Board of Directors to discuss the Emergency Medical Services support element of the plan.

Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown said a representative for the East End group met with a few individuals

 to share thoughts about the East End Fire Plan, but that the county’s fire plan was proceeding as scheduled.



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