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Community greets BRAG cyclists
Cyclists participating in BRAG begin to arrive in Liberty County late Friday morning. - photo by Ashley Watson

On Friday morning, numerous cyclists participating in BRAG (Bicycle Ride Across Georgia) began arriving at the Shuman Center in Flemington.  Some came in groups, others came in pairs or solo. These cyclists received claps and cheers from local vendors and other cyclists who had already arrived. No matter how far they traveled, the men and women who took part in BRAG appeared cheerful.

“Must be the endorphins,” said Bonnie Goldberg, one of the cyclists who hails from Columbia, S.C.

Around 1 p.m., cyclists began pouring into Shuman Park. They set up tents outside. If they didn’t desire to sleep outdoors they had the option of sleeping in the gym. Inside there were mats set up for the cyclists to lay out their sleeping bags. Back outside, there was a large tent set up to charge their phones, and a mobile shower for men and women to wash away the miles. Port-a-potties were available, and of course, bike racks for cyclists’ to park their treasured modes of transportation. There were also vendors there setting up wares for cyclists to browse through at their leisure.  Many cyclists also chose lodging at local hotels and motels.

In the evening, cyclists, their supporters and Liberty residents were treated to various cuisine offerings from food trucks and a concert in downtown Hinesville which began at 6 p.m. and featured Dakota Woods and the Wild Shiners .

This is the 40th anniversary of the cycling event, which was founded by the late Dot Moss, a resident of Midway. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has been working on the event since early this year. Liberty County Chamber of Commerce Director Leah Poole estimated that 1,200 cyclists rode in BRAG this year.

(Photo gallery by Lawrence Dorsey)

Liberty County welcomes BRAG cyclists

By: Lawrence Dorsey/file photo

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