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Contractor makes 'no-cost' updates
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Recently, Baxley contractor J. Hiers Construction Company, made several improvements in Long County at no cost to the tax payers, according to Roberts Civil Engineering spokesman Paul Christian.

“The Long County Board of Commissioners and the citizens of Long County have been very good to both our company and J. Hiers Construction. Doing these improvements were just a small way we could show our appreciation for their confidence in using us,” said Christian.

According to Christian, the two companies were contracted out by the Long County Board of Commissioners to resurface Elim Church Road in 2017 and Rye Patch Road in 2018. He said the Rye Patch Road project had to be delayed due to unforeseen problems, and both the commissioners and citizens were extremely patient in waiting on the work.

“J. Hiers contacted us and said they had run into a few problems and asked did we think the commissioners would work with them to give them a little more time to get started on Rye Patch Road.  When I contacted the commissioners they were very understanding, and because they were, J. Hiers said they wanted to do something to show their appreciation,” Christian said.

Christian said he contacted Long County Administrator Frank Etheridge, who then contacted each commissioner.  

“I was told by Frank that there were some subdivisions in the county that had some real bad spots in the roads, but because of legal limitations, the county could not do work in these areas. He said that the commissioners hated the fact that the county couldn’t work in these neighborhoods, and all agreed that if J. Hiers could take care of some of these bad holes it would be very helpful,” Christian said.

Christian said two of the roads where repairs were made included Burnt Pines Road and Coleman Pass.  Christian said that both J. Hiers Construction Company and Roberts Civil Engineering were happy to help the county, and they hoped they might be able to do more projects like these in the future.

“Working with these commissioners, I know they care about the people of Long County; because of this, both of our companies want to do all we can to do good work for them and their constituents,” Christian said.

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