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County allows Youman's work to proceed
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During this month’s county commission meeting, concerned residents of Liberty County’s first district awaited a vote concerning the burying of storm water pipes on Youman’s Road in conjunction with the construction of the Yellow Bluff Development.  
Prior to the meeting, John Henderson, chairman of the Liberty County Citizens Advisory Committee, voiced the collective concerns of community members who feared the burying of the pipes could potentially exhaust taxpayers’ money and cause damage to the surrounding ecosystem.
Furthermore, CAC members were suspicious because a representative from Yellow Bluff called each of the commissioners except for the first district (where the work is being done) to get approval to go ahead before the meeting, Henderson said.   
First District Commissioner, Marion Stevens, was dismayed because this was not the first time the other commissioners had gone over his head in dealing with development in his district.  
"I am not worried about my popularity amongst the other Commissioners," Stevens said. "The people of my district voted for me, and if this development is screwed up I don't want their tax money going to fixing roads or fixing the environment."  
At the meeting, the tone shifted somewhat between Henderson and Stevens.
"Youman's Road, the right of way, they finished up this afternoon and (the contractor) did a really good job, it looks great" Henderson said. "If the road does flood though, I think it should not be a problem for the Commissioners, and it should not be a cost to the taxpayers for the contractor to get that road right."
With little commentary from Stevens, the board allowed the Youman's Road easement request to proceed.  
According to the information provided by County Administrator Joey Brown, the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission will oversee the continuing construction on Youman's Road. If any construction is unacceptable, then the LCPC will require the partners of Yellow Bluff to orchestrate the replacement or repair the work that is unsatisfactory. They also will be responsible for maintaining the roadway for the remainder of the construction.
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