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County auctioning off old school's gear
county auction site
There are links off the county Web site, , to the auction.
Furniture and office equipment in the old Liberty Elementary School is going once, going twice and will be sold to the highest bidder.
Anyone who wants
a good deal on the used furniture has until Aug. 3 to submit bids through the county Web site during a surplus office equipment auction.
The auction opened July 16 and, as of Tuesday evening, the lowest bid was $10 for desks and chairs. The highest was $500 for a portable restroom.
“I already have 219 people who visited that one item since 11 this morning,” Assistant County Administrator Bob Sprinkel said of the restroom. “It’s actually in great shape.”
Just like eBay, the auction is open to anyone who logs on.
“I got people call-
ing from Virginia and Tennessee,” Sprinkel said. “There’s interest outside
the area on some of this stuff. This is actually nationwide [but] I want the county people to get first shot at this.”
The auction is preparation of remodeling and construction for an east end annex, which is to include the Midway-Riceboro library and recreation rooms.
Once the building is cleared, asbestos removal can start, then some demolition.
“It’s part of the process we have to go through to get that east end building ready,” Sprinkel said.
All proceeds from the auction go to the county’s general fund.
“Where we’re short on money, it helps the overall budget,” Sprinkel said. “Anything we make on this is better than throwing this away. It’s a better opportunity for everybody.”
There will be walk-through 3-7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday so buyers to see the furniture, but bids still have to be made on-line.
Last week, at county commissioners’ mid-month meeting, they learned construction for the justice center is on schedule.
“The project is moving ahead,” County Administrator Joey Brown said during the Thursday meeting. “Rain doesn’t affect much out there.”
The steel frame is to be completed this month and when the last piece of steel goes in, plans are to have commissioners engrave it.
In his capital project update, Brown said the contractor will report on progress during the August mid-month meeting
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