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Band tuning up for year
BI band director, Daryl Wolfram drills marching band members in the 4x4 block formation during band camp. - photo by Photo by Alena Parker.
From early morning to dusk anyone within earshot of Bradwell Institute can hear the beats and rhythms, as the marching band gears up for another season.
With less than two weeks until the start of a new school year, the 65 member-band, with its 21-member flag corps, opened band camp Wednesday by refining marching fundamentals, "looking uniform on the field," according to BI band director, Daryl Wolfram.
He is hoping to have a group 80 strong come August, when more students return from summer vacations.
The camp is giving him a glimpse of the band he will be working with this year and he is "hoping to have the marching and the music at a better quality."
"We have a very optimistic and positive, energetic group," Wolfram said. "It's really great to see."
Starting tomorrow, the band will turn their focus from fundamentals to learning show music and field routines.
Band members anticipate coming out with a sound sure to get Tiger fans on their feet during the football season.
Marimba player, Miguel Lugo, is looking forward to "a better time at football games for halftime shows (and) impress the crowd this year."
And the sophomore believes the band is well on its way.
"We're doing pretty good," he said. "To be about our third day, we have most of it memorized."
Sharon Baldwin, this year's drum major, was especially impressed with her first-year members.
"They've been great," she said the freshmen. "They've just been picking up on everything like that."
Eyeing top evaluations, Baldwin wants to move the band to step up their performance during competitions.
"Last year, we did great at competitions, but this year, I'm hoping we can take away ones, superior ratings," she said.
With four-hour practice sessions during the day and three hours in the evening, Baldwin has noticed how the other band officers have been keeping the members motivated. 
"I'm really proud of the band," she said. "I think it's going to be a good marching season."
Junior Shanae Custis plays clarinet and has also seen a change.
"The attitudes are better this year," she said.
Going into his second year as band director, Wolfram is building on his experiences from last year.
"Last year was an organizational structure year," he said. "Now that everything's in place and the students know the policies it's been a lot smoother so far."
Even outside in the heat, the band comes to a snappy attention position when Wolfram blows a series of whistles. 
"I think we're going to be able to get a lot done this year," the band director said.
But the band's harmony is not just in their sound.
"From the first day, we all acted like we've known each other for years," Lugo said.
The drum major echoed how the band is becoming a close-knit group.
"We're just one, big happy family," Baldwin said.

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